Speaker, Workshop Leader and Personal Coach

Avril Carson is well known in the business world for her work in building confidence, excellent communication and inspirational leadership.

She is a Director of Avril Carson Associates Ltd.

She is a great encourager of potential and is 100% committed to working with people to improve the quality of their lives. Enthusiastic to learn and share, she holds qualifications including an honours degree, a Master Practitioner Certificate in NLP and is a qualified teacher of English as a foreign language.

Her client base is extensive including Rolls Royce, Boots, Land Rover, BMW, BASF , Halfords, Boeing and many leading firms of solicitors. Many of the clients who employed Avril over 10 years ago are still her clients today as she has established a high level of trust and delivers consistently excellent results.

Frequently coaching at a very senior level in large organizations, numerous clients have described her confidential work as invaluable. When running corporate courses delegates frequently say that it was the best course they have ever attended and came just at the right time for them to learn more about themselves in order to be increasingly effective at work.

Her performance skills from her Royal Shakespeare Company experience show in her talents as a speaker. She is a personal, engaging and lively speaker who has had a profound effect on many of those with whom she has come into contact.

Avril is also often in demand for voice and presentation coaching. All her work is designed to fulfill the clients’ specific objectives and she is delighted to work closely with clients to understand the challenges more fully and work towards a highly successful outcome for all concerned.


  • Inspiration at Work - Insights into Leadership to transform your potential to inspire others at work.
  • Creating Confidence - Feeling good about yourself, connecting with what really matters and building trust to project yourself with credibility as the best you can be.
  • Powerful Presentations - Coaching in personal delivery style to feel free to express yourself in persuasive professional communication.
  • Influential Relationships - Building up powerful skills, understanding and choices to be more influential in all of your relationships.
  • Recharge your Batteries - A tonic to reduce stress in the work place and release more energy in order to free yourself up to enjoy a more satisfying home/work balance.
  • Coaching The Coaches – How to become an invaluable sounding board using appropriately challenging questions encouraging and supporting through empathy and structure.
  • Conflict Resolution - Unravelling the knots, which have developed from the differences between people. Examining perceptions, success criteria, creative thinking and deeper levels of understanding.
  • Success Story - An opportunity to focus on what is most important in every area of your life. Exploring the outcomes you’d love and exploring your commitment to having a great life.
  • Change - Survival and success in persistently turbulent times. Resourcing yourself to handle the uncomfortable roller coaster of dynamic change in business practice.
  • Up! - Choosing to be ‘up’ when life could get you down. A light-hearted look at the metaphor ‘up’ with a serious intention to give you the ability to rise above struggle and give yourself a lift.
  • Facing the media- Delivering the message you want to publicise in a highly credible, powerful and interesting way regardless of the pressure or the question.
  • Practising safe stress- Identify the causes, symptoms and consequences of stress in order to adopt a number of useful strategies to reduce any detrimental effects before they create problems.

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